Tube Tool UV Map Parameters - v 1,85 - UV before validating

Hi ! I have been testing V1,85 in the TestFlight Beta and loved the UV Map in all primitives.

I started making some hair studies using Tube Tool + Color Map + Opacity Map + Normal Map and the results were great! I did notice an increase in the file size but this is oK for me. My goal was to adjust the tube and the curves as I go before validating it to allow more control.

I read that you might change the parameters in the final version and today trying to recreate this technique, I noticed that primitives do not have UV before validating (which was possible before). I know it was a temporary parameter but is there any chance to allow this just for the Tube?! :smiley:

Thanks for considering!

Obrigado :smiley:

In the new version, all Primitives have UVs before validating - including the tube. You may not have the checkbox on.

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Hi Holger! Thanks for looking into it. Indeed you are right. I am not in the Web version and I had to reset my app settings yesterday (this was probably on before). Now I was able to check the checkbox again and it works :smiley: Dankeschön

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case closed :smiley: