2.69M Faces Hair Test


Wow, nice. Is the hair all individual tubes?

No. Its its polka dot alpha with very high intensity.

this one is with tube copy , the first method it works ok for short hair, the tube maybe better for long hair


Thanks for responding. I’ll need to play around with using an alpha like that. Sorry to ask another question, but did you stamp it or use the alpha with a specific brush? There are a lot of tubes on your long hair example. You must have a lot of patience to put that many together!

i used standard brush with max intensity multiplication . probably can also be done with stamp. for the tubes variation it’s not that time consuming, make 10 tubes with some variations and simple merge . then as you cloning it becomes exponential curve , ike a viris :slight_smile:
10+10 20+20 40+40 80+80 160+160 320+320 clone 6 times and you already have 640 tubes * but keep the starting tube low poly as possible:)

P.s. then you can come using move and drag brush, even individual tubes can be manipulated using “connected typology “ option you can have them in one layer simple merge but don’t remesh it will probably crash

That makes sense, thank you!