How to make many strand hair with tubes? Help please

Hi, does anyone know of a tutorial or who can simply explain how to make and style hair with many tubes as strands? I’ve tried it with making a strand, duplicating, simple merging, duplicating to make 4 strands, simple merging, duplicating to make 8 strands, etc, up in to the hundreds of strands… However, because they are simple merged, each strand still moves separately so it quickly becomes impossible to work with them as the number of strands gets higher and higher. I can’t seem to be able to voxel merge them as they are so thin and it turns into a mess. I’ve found that I also have to keep them low poly or the total vertex count rapidly gets into the millions. However, at low poly counts, the strands don’t make smooth curves and wind up looking angulated. I’ve seen examples where people have done hair this way. I feel like I’m missing something simple. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you ahead of time!

Hmm. Try this. Draw up an alpha of a bunch of dots, and assign it to drag or move.

Make sure the dots feather outward, or fade outward, to give the hair a dynamic range.

I think there’s a decent hair tutorial on YouTube, but I believe it’s for flat grooves over plains, though tubes are added and flattened over the plains.

I didn’t figure this one out until recently either. And I was attempting hair for a while before tubes came out. But, just go to the stroke menu and deselect “Connected topology”. This should solve your issue with “Combing” larger clumps of hair rather than single strands.

Unfortunately, not much can be done about the higher end of the poly count when trying to achieve a realistic hair look when each hair has to have a decent amount of polys to look like a hair at the moment. Currently, using a shorter hair style is advisable or getting a device that has a lot more ram to not worry as much about how high that number is getting…lol.

Damn, the more I think about it, the more I think I might get that new IPad…lol.

Thank you Sporkfumaster! I knew I was missing something simple. I did not think about the connected topology setting. World of difference with that turned off.

I’ve been dreaming about one of the new iPads too. Even a 2020 one has twice the RAM of my 2018 iPad Pro which would help. But 4 times as much in the new one plus the new processor sounds amazing. Might have to bite the bullet soon and go for one :blush:

Thanks for the ideas Nick!

You could get zBrush and 3D coat for the money of the new iPad. And you have around 1000 left…… :vulcan_salute: - Google Drive i made this hair basically just curve tool. I have smooth shading on so even most of them have quite small polycount they look okay. Smaller hair just 3 sides and some of bigger maybe 6. If you don´t validate curves then they remain editable and you can just easily clone more copies with translate tool. Also recommend moving pivot to root of curve so you can pretty quickly create interesing hair clumps. Then i just merge those with simple merge. Don´t really have any reason to voxelize this since it would just shoot polycounts up and make it look more clumpy.


Wonderful tricks, thank you so much. What you did looks great!

The only thing if you don‘t validate and use mirror the other side is half transparent drawn. Or am i missing some settings?

you just need to toggle mirror off in tube settigs to get rid of transparent mirrored bit.

Thanks Mikko!

I don’t know, I like our dev’s design choices, and nothing beats the Apple Pencil 2 with a good cover over it. It’s tempting to just get a big computer set up, but I’m strictly here on this forum to support Nomad. It’s great just to start and the dev actually listens to the community and puts out frequent updates - all I’m saying is that I’m a strong supporter of this program and the iPad’s software reaching Zbrush levels is divinity. I get Christmas presents almost weekly when I go to sculpt here, and he’s more than once just taken what the community was running with a delivered it in a better way than what we could have implemented ourselves.

Amen to that! The development of Nomad is mind blowing to me and the community is just the best. A new iPad would cost a bit, but I’ve tried sculpting with a mouse and like the iPad way better. If I did use the computer for, say, Zbrush, I’d want to get a drawing tablet for it. That would be a big expense too. I learned to sculpt in Nomad. It came out at just the right time after I decided it would be fun to learn to sculpt. I was recovering from a spinal fusion surgery last summer. and couldn’t sit in front of a computer comfortably, but I could get comfortable anywhere in the house and use the iPad. Sculpting took my mind off the pain I got i Nomad the first week it was released. I used Forger for about two weeks prior to that and liked Nomad better from day one and have never looked back. I see zero reason to change now. I do appreciate the comment about weighing the cost as it made me think. Thanks to everyone who responded to my question!

Im really really agree with you!!!