How would you tackle hair like this in Nomad?

I’ve been practicing on a model for a while now, and this model of Merida is really inspiring, hair-wise. I’m just kind of struggling with how to block out something like this in Nomad.

Cylinders/tubes for most of the bigger chunks? Something else?

I think you’ve got it about right. Just breaking down each of the forms of the hair with the primitives, voxel merging the connecting forms, then sculpting it out. A few words for a process that’s going to take some time…lol. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

Looks beautiful indeed. I think I would use a few seperate objects and merge only in the very end so the sculpting doesn’t jump over from one curly bit to another.

One quite weird trick I found that might help with curly hair is sculpting while having the turntable active!

You would just orient the model vertically, activate turntable then make slow moves with the brush and the turntable makes sure the curly curve gets applied around the object evenly. I think best is clay brush with low spacing and some lazy rope…


The turntable idea is super-clever. Thanks!

It still makes me wish it would be at all feasible to add Spacemouse support to Nomad.

Discovered that by accident
Couldn’t decide yet if it’s any useful, at least it takes a lot of getting used to sculpting with it :smiley:

I’m already missing the Nomad camera control when using Zbrush