Best example of hair made in Nomad?

I’m experimenting with hair/fur at the moment, and I’m interested in seeing any really good examples that people have made, especially if they mention the method used. I think that perhaps the best I’ve seen might be this

This uses Glen Southern’s technique of a low poly plane for each individual hair.
Have you seen any other great examples. Any links to images appreciated.

Did you see this recent post?

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Yes, thanks. Good to know it’s possible - unfortunately my pc is very under-powered and struggles with many blender operations; partly for that reason I’ve let my blender skills get very rusty, so if I can avoid using it I do! I would love it if blender ever released an iPad version, but doubt it will ever happen.

I have seen two other approaches to making individual strands. The first uses the tube tool or a modified plane, creating clumps, then duplicating and adjusting the clumps. If I am remembering correctly, this is the method @Southerngfx uses in at least one of his videos:

Probably the one at the other end of your linked post. So, you may have already seen that.

The second uses an alpha brush with lots of small dots to raise strands from a surface en masse.

You can probably find better descriptions of that using the forum search tool. I have seen people use both of those approaches to make grass, as well. So, it might be worth looking for grass modeling techniques that can be adapted, too.

Here’s the alpha brush technique for grass:

I have also seen people model hair as masses using collections of other shapes. Érica Casab (@ErikaCasab) has a good video on that:

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Here’s a very quick & dirty result of hair cards in Nonad:

They’re all basically very low poly planes mapped with a range of transparent PNG hair atlases. Some are “rolled” into tubes for tighter strands. Most are simply deformed planes to create curved strands.
Make a plane, map it with white hairs & corresponding normal map. Change colour to suit & choose dithering material.
Spilt mesh accordingly to create different hair clumps / strands & then distribute across mesh as instances.


Thank you for the excellent suggestions @Evermorian and @Bezzo , very helpful links, much appreciated. I’ve been experimenting with making individual hairs with low poly planes, then instancing and inserting - it’s surprising how effective it looks; but I’ll definitely be trying the other techniques.

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