The option to make a Fur

hello everyone, my name is Hezi
I most to say that nomad sculpt bring me the really easy option to design in 3d
im creating with this app really good stuff

but I have only 1 big problem about creating hair or fur to characters I’m design

can anyone tell me how I can create a fur like people create in blender
I’m adding a link for my request

or there is a difrrent process to make something like that?

thank you

Hair like this is not possible. Nomad is a real-time renderer for mobile devices. There is no SSS etc.

Anyway, I made not that bad experiences in doing it by hand.
I followed this tut.

My tip, play with material. Use additive or blending with a bit less opacity and a bit of metallic shine.

Grass is done with this tech, but I made it a bit too thin.

His hair is quite convincing. Made it same technique.


+1 for grooming and curve handling tools.