Lighting low resolution on bar - please help

Hey, so I put in something yesterday about this and it’s happened again.
I believe it’s a lighting issue because I could see it working with smoothness when I tried to subdivide, but the hair still looks super low poly compared to everything elce.
I could really use some help with this, it’s kinda ruining my models

Close up of the hair

When you subdivide, it doesn’t necessarily “smooth” at the same time. It just subdivides the existing faces. Those previous “lines” from the original tubes geometry are still there as is evident from your images. The lighting isn’t the problem as it is just showing exactly where they are, so it’s working just fine. Considering that you have subdivided those combined tubes to over 1 million, you have more than enough to get it exceptionally smooth. But, you need to go in and smooth it with the smooth tool. I’d suggest decimation first as the smooth tool works more noticeably with fewer faces. It still works with a higher density, it just takes longer.

Not sure if that explains it well enough. If you need some images to help, let me know.

Was also going to say, make sure you don’t have flat subdivision checked when you subdivide.