Certain objects are not being subdivided

Hey, so this is my first time using normal skulpt (and really modelling at all for that matter) and I seem to know enough to make a small stylised head. However, while making the hair I noticed that it was very low quality, so I tried to subdivide. This lead to no change in look, but did change the wireframe. I am confused as to how I can make the hair look more smooth now, any help?

Hi Nectar_Quenni.
Small Robot Studio have done an excellent video on how to model hair to a very good level, I was watching it earlier on and took away some valuable info when it comes to modelling hair in Nomad Sculpt.

Here’s a link to video on YouTube :

I also think that they have videos on subdividing and many others, they have really helped me out a lot using the tools.

Yes I actually just watched that!! I was sort of doing the right thing but just needed to change a few aspects. Made a new model earlier and even the fact looked so much better from a few tips I learnt. Thank you so much for sharing though, atleast I know I’m in the right place