Object thickeness

First, youre doing an amazing job with Nomad Sculpt! I tip my hat to you!!!

That said, I’m designing a tattoo for my nephew who wants Spartan style armor. As I’m sculpting the helmet, I’m having great difficulty maintaining the same thickness of the “metal”.

Is it possible to add a feature where we can either shape an object in a single dimension to get the proper shape, then using your amazing sliders, adjust the thickness of that shape?

Or maybe just adjust the thickness of an object that we have already sculpted?

An additional feature that would be great is the ability to choose various trim shapes and scales for the edges of things.

E.g. the edges of the helmet. If I want to create either a rounded or hard trim for the edge, I have to freehand the edge making things inconsistant and wonky.

It would be great if we could shape something and then have a tool to add, shape, and scale the edges of an object on either one or both sides of our object. (Inside vs. outside)

Thanks again!

That would be absolutely amazing!

Thanks and thank you for doing such an amazing job on the software as it is!!! I’m new to 3d sculpting but your program is intuative and great to work with. I love it!

I did notice a post in one ofe the forums yesterday that someone lost all of their files when they updated to the new version. Ive not updated yet because I’m concerned I will lost mine, so amy feedback on that would be appreciatwd as well.

This tutorial might help with thickness and trims.

Hi, White!

Thank you so much for getting back to me amd so quickly!!!

I’ve been following the tutorial and it’s been helpful. My helmet was coming along nicely.

One question though, if that’s okay, my project disappeared and I’m not sure why. I’ve been saving regularly and even have auto save turned on.

I have tried resetting the camera view, adding new shapes, opening other projects, chamging the background color, and even starting a new project, but no matter what I try all I see is a blank screen.

I thought maybe I might have zoomed in or out too far, but even the Gizmo controller doesnt show up.

Any thoughts?


Hi, White.

I turned my iPad off and back on and the Nomad app works again. My files are back now. Not sure what happened, but that seemed to have resolved the issue.

Thanks again for the video, I’m not all the way through it yet but it’s helping a lot so far!

Hi Stickerman, glad things are working for you and that the video has helped.

I can take no credit for the video which was produced by Holger at ProcreateFX. Holger is an amazing technical expert with Nomad Sculpt.

I had just finished watching that Mandolorian sculpt video and then saw your post asking for help and thought the video would help.

Best wishes

Still, it’s always an honor to hear from the creator of something amazing!

Thanks again!