Precision Tools for Accurately Measuring & Scaling Models for 3D Printing

I would love some tools to create more precise 3D models with specific measurements, which I can 3D print.

I find the precision tools in apps like Shapr3d and SketchUp to be very helpful. It would be great if precision tools like that could be implemented in Nomad Sculpt, at least to a certain extent. I would appreciate some tools that make creating models for 3D printing easier & more precise.

I’d also like to quickly & easily prepare my models in Nomad Sculpt for 3D printing.

Thank you :slight_smile:


This would be very useful. Currently it is a bit less convenient than some softwares like Shapr to see the exact dimensions of objects. There is a way to scale things though, and see the precise dimensions of things. If you select the object you want to see the dimensions for, and then go to gizmo settings, you can see the scale of the object. Now, it’s important to note, that scale units in Nomad are just scale units, they’re not the same as a measurement such as mm or inches, but most slicers I’ve used translate the scale units from Nomad Sculpt as MM, so in those cases 1 scale unit= 1 millimeter. I think this has to do with your slicer software’s settings, but I’m not sure. So hopefully that’s helpful to you, I know it’s helped me for designing and printing very precise parts and designs. :+1:t2:. Also, this box I created is set to uniform scale, but by deselecting “Uniform Scale” right there below the scale information, you can adjust the objects scaling in each direction independently. :+1:t2: