I have a question about scaling objects for printing

I’m a newbie to using Nomad Sculpt, and so far I’m really enjoying the software. One thing I’m curious about is how to see/adjust the size of an object in my model. I’m wanting to design objects and parts to print, but I haven’t been able to find a good way to figure out the dimensions of an object. I need to see the size in each axis, for example: X:1.55 units, Y:3.2 units, Z:1.22 units. Is this possible in Nomad Sculpt? As I understand from another thread, Nomad doesn’t use a certain measurement standard such as mm, inches, etc., but just generic units would be sufficient if I’m able to control what those units equal in my slicing software. Is there any way currently to get this functionality in the software? Or should I add this as a feature request? It would be super handy if the units “dimensions” were displayed as the object is resized, similar to in 3D CAD designs.

Inside the gizmo menu you can see your scale (aka size). If the Uniform Scale button is checked, it will only show one scale but if you uncheck it you can see each axis scale.

You can also adjust the scale of an object by tapping in the boxes and typing in the scale you’d like.


Thank you, that is so helpful! With that, I think I can do everything I need to in Nomad and not even bother with a separate CAD software! :+1:t2:. Thank you for the help! :+1:t2: