My First Sculpt - 2018 IPad Pro

Hi guys this is my first sculpt, it’s very basic but getting to grips with the different tools within nomad. Uploading this to keep track of any improvement.

Used 1400ram
Around 5mil Polys (could probably decimate and reduce but not sure my process is right?)
All in nomad (still figuring out rendering/lighting)

Thank you all


You can decimate at any point, it only targets tri’s in the mesh, how it’s built doesn’t affect the remeshing operation. Fantastic work man, well done.

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Thankyou dude i appreciate that!

I just need to learn more about subdividing and Decimating,
I understand the whole concept of leaving Polys low until you need to add great detail, but is it best to make a sculpt and then just decimate as much as possible at the end ? I’ve essentially just been blocking out the main shapes, but for example if i need to add detail to something, i’ll subdivide, add the detail and i never really decimate or lower the count etc

Decimation really is there to shed excess poly weight if the model is too big for its purpose - like exporting into external software (ProCreate maybe), or for tasks like 3D printing. Sculpting software eats high, high vertices - it’s a common purpose tool. Equally, if the model has no intention to go through any pipeline or used externally, and RAM isn’t constrained (another important reason to decimate) then you won’t need to use it. Subdivision increases mesh resolution (higher, more defined sculpt), Decimation is its antithesis counterpart.

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Appreciate it, Thankyou for the info
I picked up nomad around 3-4 days ago so i’ve a lot of learning to do,
i’ve drawn etc all my life so i want to learn this new skill which means learning about all the mechanics at play too

Have a good day!

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You’re more than welcome. Good luck with your exploration of this medium, always pitch out any queries to the community. I would recommend having a flick through Nomad’s Manual on the main site, there’s a wealth of useful information and some tutorials linked to help. Look forward to seeing your work.

Kind regards

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Brilliant Thanks Again,

going to take a look now while i’m…‘working’ from home

This video may help.

Also checkout the three videos by Small Robot Studio YouTube channel, about Dynotypology,
Voxel remesh, and Multiresolution in Nomad Sculp, Erica explains the difference
Very well.

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Thats a huge help, for a short video i actually picked up some useful stuff in there.

Thankyou very much! never considered the dynamic resolution for sculpting as well as the Masking detailed areas and decimating the rest etc

You’re most welcome, I never considered it either; …Happy sculpting!

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