Recommendations for creating lowpolys?

hey folks,

curious if anyone has recommendations for remeshing apps.

Generally the decimate with weights is good enough for organic, but anything with hard edges you want to have a straight-ish edge not many diagonal cutting polys and triangles if possible. or maybe someone has good settings to achieve a hard surface decimation in nomad?. - the baking ill do in substance so not worried about that but more the creation of the lower poly model itself

Curious if anyone has a good app to process this? ( bonus points if its on ipad :slight_smile: - bonus bonus if in nomad :stuck_out_tongue: ). my thought was rebuild over in fusion/maya or zbrush. but thats a long process, so curious if there is a better way i may not be aware of.

i used shapr3D to redo some hard surface ones, great for boxy stuff, organic nope

An eventual edge aware remesher - create a new mesh from the sculpt would be awesome in nomad - sort of like the zmodeler ( allowing to rebuilt edge flow etc), or extract to mesh/masktomesh etc. - or nomad idea: maybe drawing a tube over the hard edges could tell the app to take the underlying mesh and project up to the tube and use this to draw/build a hard edge on those areas. id propose a feature for this, but think many have already posted about it. till then let me know if you have a prefered remesher :).

The one I typically use is Meshmixer. It does a pretty good job at keeping edges and there are settings to do so. It’s free on Mac/PC.

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