Hardsurface tools

Are there any plans for more hardsurface tools, like the zmodeler tool in zbrush? With this platform and mobility, that could rocket Nomad ahead of the curve and make it even more valuable.


Maybe but I can’t tell for now, I got too many things to tackle first.


On the subject of Hardsurface, the Extract > edit Polygroups > Polish by Polygroups > Remesh by Polygroups is a great and fast workflow. It would be amazing to see all these functionalities in Nomad :))


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Hi, so are any hardsurface modeling tools on the horizon

Do you know “keep sharp edges” for voxel booleans? Works already very nicely. Split and trim works nicely on thin objects as well, better than in zBrush imho. But no, no poly modelling tools insight.

Instead of adding new tools, I prefer to polish the existing one instead.

For example improving the Trim tool to be more robust.
Right now it’s done by doing a weird “screen-space boolean” thing, but I’d like it to be more robust, and ideally it’s paving the way towards proper polygonal booleans.


Yes and I prefer working in nomad instead zbrush or blender for example.

However both of those have the ability to add edgeloops, extrude polygons etc. So you can build nice basemeshes with clean topology right within either zbrush or blender.

Relying just on sculpting tools will limit you to only some janky/wobbly random sci-fi shapes at best. It’s good for some initial concept block out but what then…?

I understand. Well, maybe one day. Thank you for your work.

Yes, Nomad seems to be so close.
But zmodler needed 17? years to be implemented in ZBrush? And the way it was implemented is light years away from a no brainer.

I know your issues, it was just meant to help just in case you don’t know those options. We have a very big range of users here from all kind of experiences.
I use 3Ds max for poly modelling I.e.

I understand. And I agree that zmodeller isnt best example. I’ll rather wait longer for proper tools in nomad or some separate iPad app.

As currently to get some poly modeling done it has to be done on PC.

At least retopo could become mobile soon.


I saw this on Twitter. Looking forward to a time when I can make complete assets on iPad and then just import to unreal engine :slightly_smiling_face:

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