Non Destructive Booleans

Loving nomad!! So far the only annoyance I’ve run into is basic hard surface modeling being a little tedious.

It’s obviously not the main focus of nomad, full on poly modeling might be overkill, but working with primitives would be a lot less painful if we could adjust booleans later, without having to delete and remake everything (an idea I stole from blender). Perhaps a type of grouping that generates a shape, which is deleted when separated, restoring the primitives or something.


like blender voxel remesh modifier,or magicacsg? it could be very cool

That would be super awesome! probably a tough one to implement. The zbrush version likely has a lot of stuff stored in memory to perform that. If apple finally exposes the full ram of the iPad to developers then would be awesome to get some heftier tools like that !.

I used to use the nomad Boolean tools but because each time you have to Voxel merge to see the result it tends to mess and blur my model super fast and have to undo a lot and it sinks time too much for me. so just end up masking and trimming shapes out mostly.

But if possible, you have my vote!.

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