Interactive/intuitive Boolean request

With the latest release I am feeling confident to use Nomad for my actual job, instead of Zbrush. The new auto-retopo and faceID workflow really pushed Nomad to another level.

Where my flow is getting impeded is when it comes to booleans, especially if there are hundreds of objects in the list. It is time consuming and not intuitive to pick the right objects from the outliner.

I took some inspiration from vector graphic apps, which have something called shape builder.

Please check my image

Basically, could the whole Boolean process not be done with gestures?
Also, I would like the operator object to be kept somewhere. Often when I subtract something, I would like to use the same object afterwards.

It’s also worth looking at the hide tool in 3dcoat in conjunction with ‘create mesh from hidden’ which I find very cool.


I just noticed that with the use of a keyboard and shortcuts it becomes a bit more convenient. However, I rarely use the keyboard. I simply love the simplicity of using just the iPad.