Feature Request: Boolean/Volume Subtract

I’ve been using Nomad for a few weeks now, just playing around really. 3 days ago I started a project and really missed the boolean substract that is common in many other modelling applications (on the computer though!). This is particularly helpful for those of use creating parts for 3D printing.

OR does this already exist and I can’t find it?

It’s a fantastic App you have developed and really glad to have joined your community.

Yes see https://nomadsculpt.com/manual/scene.html#substraction

It’s only available on Nomad 1.31, which is already available on Android and soon on iOS.


Android release BEFORE iOS? ABSURD!! :wink:

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I always do that, Android is a little bit the beta test of the iOS :slight_smile:.

The main reason is that it’s faster to make a release because the Google validation is… much faster than the one at Apple.

So in case something wrong happen I can quickly make a fix.

That’s typically the case here as I’m preparing 1.32.


Awesome, makes sense - The only Apple product I own is the iPad pro so I will have to be patient :slight_smile: