Boolean operation

Please add Boolean operations

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Booleans work in nomad. you can add 2 objects by merging and voxel meshing and you can subtract by doing the same thing but with the cutting object hidden.


Ok thanks for tip

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You can see videos with add, subtraction and intersection in action

Intersection will only be available on the next release though.

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Where can we find this new feature that would be great for me.

Boolean is made via voxel merge.
Select objects you want for boolean and voxel merge.
Both visible is union.
One invisible substract the invisible
Both invisible = intersection.

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Hello since the new nomad sculpt update the Boolean doesn’t work anymore or to be more precise the cutting one object of another. Or is it hidden somewhere else?

These hidden features need easier access. I knew invisible+visible = subtraction boolean, but intersect had managed to escape all of my tutorialing for over a year now. It really is a VP powerful shape making feature which should be well-known. Perhaps an “obscured features” guide would help. Id make it myself if I knew all of them.

Edit: Missed an important comment above :roll_eyes:

You can also look in the manual. You can also look in the manual.


here’s a ‘real’ boolean library I found that seems promising

looks like it’s being used by some medical software already (experimentally)