Boolean method broken? (Beta)

Not sure if the Boolean subtraction method of selecting 2 layers and hiding one mesh on a layer to subtract (merge) from the other layers mesh is disabled, but I cannot seem to get it to work.

It has nothing to do with layers. Make sure you are in the scene menu, hide the object you want to use as a cutting tool, select cutter and cuttee and then do a voxel merge.

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You need give more details for “cannot seem to get it to work”.

Note that boolean only works with voxel remesher, but not “simple merge”.

I noticed a behaviour change that might be the issue… if I have 2 objects selected (not grouped in hierarchy) when I try to hide the object that I want to act as Boolean both selected objects are hidden. Have to hide object before selecting it, I’m sure this wasn’t the case before?

(Only tested in web demo as I left iPad at work)

That’s a behavior change that’s all, but it only impacts UX.

It seems a bit more fiddly now having to [ deselect/hide/select/voxel merge ] rather than [ select/hide/voxel merge ] this behaviour doesn’t happen when in hierarchy, just seems a bit odd is all but if it’s by design I guess we’ll just have to relearn the nuances :wink:

It’s temporary I’m experimenting.

Also you certainly don’t have to [deselect/hide/select/voxel merge].
You can simply drag the finger on the eye or simply long press.

But I’m changing the behaviour so that long press sync the visibility of the selection instead.
I don’t know yet what I’ll opt for.

I don’t care much about optimising for the boolean thing.
What I have in mind is toggling off the visibility of a group more easily.

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cool, the long press is really useful, didn’t know about that. Ideally there would be a Live Boolean system like Zbrush where changes could be made to objects in play with a real time approximation of the result before being committed/validated but I guess that is a project for another time… don’t want to distract you from current features :+1:

Behaviour change is really good and will make work with complex scenes much more easy.
Just hide before select.

I changed it already (on the web demo).
I’m still unsure what is the best way.

Basically the “sync the visibility of the selection” is a nice default when you just selected a group and want to toggle visibility on/off.
But it can be annoying if you are in the “boolean” workflow.

Also not sure if having a different behaviour between item that are selected and items that are not is a good idea.

In any case, long press will always be there for the alternative (as well as the drag-select).

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I see.
There are different approaches to work with selections and active object. In Webdemo, you already adopted most of my favourites, thank you so much! ! :vulcan_salute:

Me, I like the “execute everything to selection“

Delete all selected at once? Yes all please, but maybe ask first once ? Bullshit. Undo is faster than confirming every time! We are professionals , aren‘t we? In one app the user is asked once after restarting the app and deleting first time and one can check a tick if he don’t want to be asked again till restart - with this „I am professional“ hint :grinning:

Hide all at once? Sure! If I want to hide single object of selection, I can long press, or hide before selecting. (But it‘s fine like it is now. Just a bit more consistent to act always same. But this starting to be picky personal taste)

Rename selected? Yep, all same name please, let’s give it numerical suffix right away according to appearance order in scene menu from top - down.

Clone, instance, changing material…….everything already pure pleasure!

Thank you so much!

I added a checkbox in Debug menu to switch the behaviour.
I’ll probably remove the checkbox once I decide.

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