Voxel merge intersection doesn't work anymore

Hi ! There seems to be a problem with intersect boolean on the latest update (ipad) .
When I hide both shapes and try to voxel merge them, they add up…
other than that, your app is the best thing I’ve ever downloaded from the app store :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Indeed, I’ll fix it.


I just tried it and it worked fine. You’re supposed to hide the object you want to cut into the other object.

  1. select both objects
  2. uncheck eyeball for the one you want to cut (other object will stay)
  3. remesh at the desired resolution
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Thank you ! :pray:

That’s subtraction, not intersection.

Intersection doesn’t work in 1.66


Does not work means it will be fixed or Intersection no longer exists ?

It’s already fixed in web demo


is intersection is missing again or there is a new way to do that?

Hide both objects you want the intersection of and the vowel merge them. You will be left with then intersection

have you try it in web demo?, bc i try it it did not work even in a official version.

Press voxel remesh again, then another query comes up, after that it works.

Worked for me on the web demo as well. As Holger said, press the voxel button again and you’ll be able to do it.

@Holger_Schoenischka Is having to press the button twice a bug? If so, is it known? Kind of a pain…

I have reported it and it will be fixed.

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its ok now, maybe i just missed some steps

Hello amazing people! Mine still doesnt work. A few months ago this problem with the voxel merge accurred and i am still suffering from it. Any ideas?

There have been a lot of updates since then, have you updated?

Yes, always checking for updates before starting the program.

I’m on an iPad and my nomad version is 1.73, I’ve just tried voxel merging/intersecting/subtraction and all three action seem to work fine. Are you on android? What version of Nomad are you on (should say in the bottom corner)

I’m on iPad as well and it says 1.74, if you want I can send a video.

Thank you for your help

Your version is more up to date than mine, so I probably can’t help much. You could post a quick video on here though, just in case it shows what might be going wrong - sometimes we can accidentally change settings and that sort of thing without realising - a video might show that.