Voxel merge intersection doesn't work anymore

Hi ! There seems to be a problem with intersect boolean on the latest update (ipad) .
When I hide both shapes and try to voxel merge them, they add up…
other than that, your app is the best thing I’ve ever downloaded from the app store :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Indeed, I’ll fix it.


I just tried it and it worked fine. You’re supposed to hide the object you want to cut into the other object.

  1. select both objects
  2. uncheck eyeball for the one you want to cut (other object will stay)
  3. remesh at the desired resolution
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Thank you ! :pray:

That’s subtraction, not intersection.

Intersection doesn’t work in 1.66


Does not work means it will be fixed or Intersection no longer exists ?

It’s already fixed in web demo