User scripting or plugin support?

First time poster. Any chance of opening nomad up to developers in the community? some kind of plugin-in or script API? I love the app, and would love to be able to add/modify functionality.

example things I’d love to see:
*scatter tool
*array copy/instance (circular, radial, linear, matrix)
*path tracing (non-real time render)
*select by (adjacent, planar, edges, faces etc)
*volumetric lighting/god rays

Frankly this is the best 3D app I’ve seen on mobile, and one of the most engaged communities. Very well done, congratulations!

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Stephomi does a wonderful job on her own. So it’s probably difficult for him but he has progressed so much in his baby alone that in my opinion it is not a good idea to integrate plugins or scripts and let him do it (because he does it well) ) on the other hand there is a section in the forum to suggest functions and stéphomi is listening.

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I was thinking about open sourcing the Interface part of Nomad (custom lib, full C++), but I don’t think it’s worth it at the moment.

A plugin system is not planned at the moment, lots of work and the iPad is probably not the best platform for that.


that all makes sense. thank you for a wonderful app!