Low poly on nomad

Nomad is a really great app all in all, but I believe if they can incorporate some low poly modelling operations like extrude face, delete face, manipulate edge etc. it will favour all 3d artists out there. And most of them will default to nomad for most of their 3d work


These tasks can be done in Nomad with deeper understanding of its toolkit - not in standard operation form, it requires work-arounds, but doable. I’ve recently been doing a lot of low poly work in Nomad, and it’s quite fun once you develop a workflow. Greater functionality for low poly functions would be interesting to see though.


Awesome, I guess I will have to explore more

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’d love a quick explanation of this as I’m trying to do some low poly stuff, I could remote into my pc and use blender via the tablet but if I can do it directly inside nomad, that would be great

Severely reducing topology of primitives, using Flat Subdivisions afterward - a lot masking and using its Extract/Bevel & Emboss functions, and precision when selecting single vertices to manipulate. In a very brief summary, that’s how it’s done.