Bevel edge option?

Hey there, is a “bevel edges” option on the books? :+1:t2::smiley:


I think it only makes sense in the context of low poly modeling, I don’t see how I could integrate it in Nomad.

Maybe in the future if Nomad gets some low poly modeling capabilities.

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Hey Stephomi, yeah this what I was thinking. Create a shape and lower the poly count. Bevel edges then increase sub division. Would something like this be possible?

No because Nomad is mostly a sculpting app.

I don’t know yet if I’ll add low poly tools in the future, right now it’s not planned but I might change my mind in the future.


I would pay extra for low poly tools in an app designed by you - maybe as a fully compatible spin-off app that we can move models in and out of? There are a few hard surface modellers for iPad but I’m not a fan of the interfaces - those guys need your help :grinning:


I actually wonder what a good/intuitive low poly tooslet for touch would actually look and feel like…kind of a fun thought experiment.

And as an off topic aside:
I wouldn’t mind if I could skip the need for low poly step altogether! :sweat_smile:
It seems like that may be the trajectory that we’re heading in.
Maybe it’s not too far off that the only need for “low poly” would be purely aesthetic…like what 8bit art is now.
Apologies for the slight rant :grin:

I use a VR poly modeller, Gravity Sketch, that uses SubD surfaces to easily create complex models. I’ve modelled in Nomad and then done retopology in GS to make the model clean surfaces with sharp edges where required. This has worked especially good with vehicle designs, but also with characters. I’d love these simple poly tools on the iPad, especially to be used in conjunction with your favourite app (Nomad obviously!)

+1 for low poly tools.

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A tutorial that i found for using Bewels, ill try to see if it works on cylinder aswell.

@stephomi Nomad Sculpt is really great, I wanted to first thank you so much for making this app possible. There are not as good sculpting apps on the appstore right now and by far! So bravo! I wanted to add a +1 for the bevel request. I think even if you give the priority to organic sculpting, sometimes it could really be useful to have more acurate tools for inorganic stuff such as cloths, vehicles, weapons, etc Giving the option to mix it all together would give endless possibilities. Recently, I needed to sculpt a toy figure and I needed some acurate bevel parts. I could have something neat, so what I did is that I made it with Shapr3D and then imported in Nomad. Having 1 or 2 options more to select edges and bevel/ filet would be so awesome, the workflow for this kind of work would be awesome ! Well, I leave it to you :slight_smile: thanks again Stéphane :pray: