Hardsurface like this possible?

I saw this cool blender video on youtube about hardsurface modelling using metaball. Is this possible in Nomad ? This seems like another alternative to polygon modelling. And i could just decimate stuff

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It definitely is, just not in such a fluid way. You’d probably make up for time in nomad with the ease of manipulation of primitive. The equivalent workflow in Nomad would be that you arrange the main “positive” primitives & then arrange the “negative” or cut primitives. Hide off “negatives” in scene list. Then select all “positive” and “negative” objects in scene list & voxel remesh them into one object, maybe select keep sharp edges & also undo & experiment with resolution until you get a nice result. Then start adding extra positive & negative masses to cut or add further detail. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired result.

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First image shows all main objects intersecting to form a 6-shooter gun barrel. Second images shows the “negative” objects set to hidden in the scene menu & third image shows the result from a voxel remesh with, in this case, a value of 600, in order to get a reasonably sharp result.


I think the main appeal of the blender workflow in the video is the real-time nature of the booleans. That would require non-destructive booleans, which will almost certainly rely on object hierarchy, and which have been requested once or twice, I believe.


@Justin_Ross Scene hierarchy should be coming next update per the change log.

And I believe you can test it on the web demo.

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Thanks all,

I will definitely take look at those resources :grinning:

I just meant that the realtime non-destructive voxel merging would have to come later.