STL model modification without Voxelmeshing the model

I’m quite new to Nomad, so please be kind with my new inquiry! :slight_smile:

I am playing tabletop wargames and for them I have acquired some STL models. I would like to magnetize my printed parts but the models themselves do not contain the “hole” for the magnets. The resin is quite brittle so post-processing with a drill is not advised.

I would like to create the hole in the STL for the magnets within Nomad.

I have already learned from YT that I could do that by creating a positive part for the magnet, then - after proper positioning - hideing it and “merging” the two parts. This merge however is re-meshing (voxel) the whole model, ruining the “finetuned” STL.

Is there a way to somehow do the boolean operation without remeshing the whole part?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know another method. Have you tried to increase the voxel resolution? By default it is something like 150. Try above 800 depending on your machine this could avoid a lost. The higher, the more critical, so you need to test. After, use decimate function if you need lower resolution for printing.

I found this today i hope it’ll help you Nomad Sculpt - Keying without remesh - experimental (V1.65 - 9.4.2022) - YouTube

Thank you for the finding!
Only question here is how to selectively delete triangles from the surface?
In the video the quads are splitted into whatever shapes with the trimming / splitting plane.
I’ve tried reproducing but splitted several trias during trimming and ended up with quads…

Is it possible to select and delete specific trias or quads?

No there is no such possibility. Nomad is sculpting app. For operating on faces, vertexes and edges you have to use something like blender. But why do you want to rebuild topology? 3d printing doesnt care that much about topology especially resin printing(I’m familiar with that one)

I don’t.
But after first voxel re/meshing the whole geo was “different”. I suppose as I have started from an STL, without proper bodies or surfaces, the voxel mesher did not have too much input to start with. And I haven’t even tried to convert it to STL in the end…

Anyway, then the next question would be:
Is it then somehow possible to selectively decimate certain regions (those that I have previously cut and remeshed to voxels)?

Regarding Blender:
it would be great, but I’m limited to iOS as my iPad is my daily driver.
I’m sitting in front of my corporate PC (I do not have proper rights to install anything, eg. Blender), and my tablet is able to do everything I need for my private life. Or was until now. :smiley:

Regarding Nomad:
The main feature of it is to remove or modify some features of the models that I have for printing (resin). As I have just found Nomad and started to experiment with it, possible I should go in the voxel direction and refine that process so that I can have a proper model in Nomad, then converting it to STL…
In this way probably I’ll lose the supports, but I’ll just have to try, I suppose. :slight_smile:

Ok. topic can be closed. :smiley:
I was playing with a proper model (proper edges, nice STL) and with some improper ones (without nice edges, support present).
I have voxelated the model (boolean operation included for magnet-hole).
I have decimated the model.
The results is at least comperable with the original one plus I suppose self intersecting trias are not present animore.

Thanks everyone for support!