Want to move/remove part of sculpture - Split/Trim tool causes low polygon count on sliced areas - Help?

I’ve been working on my first proper sculpture, I purchased Nomad about a week ago! It’s been great so far, now I’ve hit a point where I realized the proportion/position of one part of my sculpture is off, and I need to adjust it.

I want to move the ears forward OR cut, and resculpt the ears where they should be. I tried split, moved them, joined them back to the main body, but the mesh was messed up and I couldn’t fix it.
Then I tried just trimming the ears, but that caused the area to have a very low poly count and I don’t know how to avoid/fix this so I can continue working on the sculpture :frowning:

Any help on what to do here? Or do I just scrap this :confused:

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Trimming / splitting always creates a surface with triangles. You can make settings via the detail slider.
After that you should remesh the mesh voxel.
You should definitely watch blocking out videos to get your workflow right from the start.
If the mesh is lowpoly to begin with, it’s much easier to make adjustments.

Hi there,

Thank you for your response, yes I blocked out at the beginning, I started at a low resolution, but I did have some idea changes along the way (e.g at the start the ears were pinned backwards, but I decided to face them forwards) and now I noticed that my positioning was off.

I thought, surely there must be an easy way to do this :rofl:

I have tried increasing the detail slider- it did increase the poly count, but not enough. I am worried that with a voxel remesh at this point, I will lose the detail I have :frowning:

I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t have to do that- I suppose I can voxel remesh, then just build my details back up again and take it as a lesson learnt.

Thank you again for your response! @Holger_Schoenischka

No need to redo all that high res sculpt detail, save a version of the high res (without ears) then voxel remesh to get a clean quadded - but now low density - mesh.

multi res divide the topology until it has a similar poly count as previous sculpt.

Now import your detailed sculpt back into scene then use reproject in the Deci/UV menu to ‘shrink wrap’ your new mesh over the original high detail sculpt.

Might be worth clearing your history before the last stage as you’ll quickly run low on ram.

Hope that helps

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I think using Steve’s suggestion is probably the way to go. However you might like to look at this fascinating video; it shows a method to properly “weld” two different meshes together, whilst keeping almost all the original topology of both meshes; you can turn the meshes into a true single mesh, but without using voxel remesh. I’ve never seen anyone else do this, and it’s not really an official workflow I’m guessing, but it really works. Your case of wanting to add some new ears is probably the perfect situation for this technique, although it does take a while to do it well

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Welp, I already did it last night- wish I had waited…

But the good news is, it is looking great!

It has fortunately turned out fine! Remeshing, and losing some detail, actually allowed me to make the sculpture look even better by adding in more details.

Next time I have a need to do this again, I will follow your method, thank you @Steve :slight_smile:


Thank you to you as well, @jim1234

To anyone looking for help with this exact same thing, these are the best ways to go about doing it! :smiling_face:

Really nice sculpt!