Trimming makes my piece hollow?

Hey everyone! I’m creating a wearable mask in Nomad, by sculpting it onto a scan of my model and then hollowing it out by voxel meshing the mask with another invisible version of the head scan. However, there was some excess stuff left over as well as eye holes to delete. When I mask off these excess areas and try to use either the trim or split tool to delete it, it ends up making my piece hollow - like it’s two seperate thin shells for the inside and outside of the mask.

I’ve tried messing around with various settings and tools and I have fill holes on when I trim it, tried it with detail ramped up, etc, but haven’t found a solution yet. Does anyone know how to either fill the object again or stop it becoming hollow in the first place?

Here’s how it looks:

Hard to say from this pic.
Instead of hollow it by boolean voxel remesh , you could mask and extract the parts of your sculpt, choosing shell option. Extracting works with negative value as well.

Here is a test I made:


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The next release appears to have real boolean operations (HELL YEAH BTW :star_struck:) that allow much more precise negative cutting, and better cutting of holes like the eyes, I would wait a bit for that!

what would probably work bette for removing excess stray bits of geometry is the “separate” function. you can remove them after using the scene explorer more easily

I’ve done this - link HERE. I found the easiest way was like knacki said- mask and extract.

  • Mask the area your face mask will be covering.
  • Use Extract to create a “layer” around your original mesh. NOTE: this was the hardest part because I needed it to be tight around my face/head. The measurement on this tool is a little weird so I made a millimeter ruler in another app and imported it. I then used the ruler to measure how this the extracted layer was and undid/adjusted until I got it right.
  • Subtract the extracted layer from my sculpted mask.

Make sure to have the Closing Action on to Fill or Shell (shell worked best for me).

Another one to look at for masks is “layer extract” which extracts the difference of a layer’s deformations to the layers below.