RogerRoger: a.kayda Sculpt

Wanted something simple for Halloween this year so decided to sculpt and 3D print a Starro mask. I scanned my head with EM3D. I then extracted the mesh slightly to give a little wiggle room and printed a thin test mask to verify the fit of the mask - it fit like a glove. So now I’m sculpting the full starfish. I still have a bit more work to do but thought I’d share my progress so far.

The eye is a little big and I’m fighting to keep the hole small yet large so I can see out of it a little. Let me know what you think, any tips and pointers, etc.


Cool project indeed. Maybe moving the hole a little further you will have more margin of vision. In the original it seems more distant.

Thanks! I didn’t think of that. I’ll play around with it and see what it does :slight_smile:

Or you could integrate holes or slits into the ribbed pattern of the legs?

Yes, great idea

Good idea. I’m trying not to have too many holes but if I need to I can resort to that. Thanks for the idea!

I was thinking about shaping some cheesecloth or tulle to the eye shape so it’s somewhat see through and still paintable. Not sure though.

Final sculpt pics. I’ve 3D printed it and it fits well. Painted pics coming soon.


Painted and assembled. Just about done with it :smile:


Final fitting.


That’s an amazing print!!! How did you manage the cornea? I’m really interested in how you created it. From scratch or from your 3d print?

Dope stuff! Would make great Halloween mask!

After designing, I split the mask into multiple parts with registration pegs for easier printing.
I designed the iris to sit back slightly from the eye hole so I could make a lens. The lens is a piece of plastic - I printed a blank (yellow part) and thermoformed (vacuum formed). It’s hard to see because it’s so clear but it fits like a glove around the iris and into the socket. Then the pupil has a piece of a pvc hard drive fan filter so I can see out but you can’t see in.


Thank you! That’s exactly what it’s for :smile:

I thought about a vacuform. Great result! And great breakdown thank you!

I got bored on the plane ride home and created this little guy based off the art of a.kayda on IG. Fun little sculpt. Happy New Years!



Really nice and clean, great stuff! And thanks for the heads up on a.kadyda’s, loads of inspiration on his instagram.

Spooky. Stuff of nightmares. The Iris and eye must have been difficult to make. :smiley: