Easier way to Hollow models?

Easy way to hollow stuff? So I’m wondering if there’s a tool I’m missing or an easier way to do this I’ve looked on the forums but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. I’m making a articulated figure but not with the common articulated joints that are on most 3D prints. I’m doing a stringed doll style with a string running through the whole figure pulling the joints together. I’ve been doing it by duplicating the object I’m gonna hollow shrinking it and then doing the negative voxel merge where it subtracts the smaller shape from the inside but then I have to make sometimes four more shapes to lead the inner hollow to the joints of the figure so the string can go through those holes into the hollow I made with the voxel merge. This isn’t super precise and uniform as I’d like. 3D slicer programs can hollow models uniformly which is what I’m looking for in nomad if there’s a way. It’s been working how I do it but sometimes gets really complicated and hard to see what’s going on with a bunch of shapes and voxel merges and all that. Any help would be great! Sorry this is so long but other hollowing based posts I’ve looked at weren’t what I was looking for or I didn’t see it.

You can use the Mask and Extract tools.

In a nutshell:

o Mask the part you want hollowed
o In the mask menu, set the Shell Thickness
- Positive number puts the shell inside
- Negative number puts the shell outside
o Tap Engrave/Emboss

The new shell will be a separate object.

o For the inner object, you’ll need to check the Inverse Culling option in the Materials menu.
o Turn off visibility of the inner object
o Select both parts
o Voxel merge them

You should now have a hollowed part.