HELP! How to solidify object

Hi! I’m super new to Nomad so apologies in advance for my ignorance, but I’m on a deadline and in urgent need of advice. I’m trying to sculpt a kind of bottle with a face, for 3d printing. I made the face first and then made a capsule shape separately, then I voxel merged them. For some reason, when I voxel merge them, the inside became hollow (see image of cross section). It’s super thin, almost like an extracted shell… I don’t know how to reverse this or make the inside of the object solid. I need it to be solid so I can then hollow it out but with walls thick enough for printing. Can anybody help me?? Thanks!

Not sure what happened here. To undo that you can try a trim like you did with the “fill holes” option off. After that use “separate” in the scene menu (“…” button) .

If you’re lucky the outer and inner parts of the shell were not connected then you have your outer model back. discard the inner model, close holes and try merge again

i also need help with objects basically just being shells. There is a post on reddit that uses a different method Reddit - Dive into anything

it seems you need to create a primitive over the object and subtract your model. Seperate them and use the subtracted section to solidify the original model by attaching them.

The 3d builder method works when the object parts are overlapping in a way that there are no leaks. (It is the same then as doing a “boolean union” followed by a “split to parts” then deleting all but the main part in Zbrush)

Most of the time some poly modeling skills are required though to create the extra models to make the object exterior “watertight”.