Hollow meshes and trim tool on 1.85

Hi guys! First of all Nomad Sculpt is a gem! I love everything about it and I am so happy to have it.

I have 2 questions about it and the new update:

I am currently working on a project of a friend of mine and he has a pre existing sculpt which I need to fix. The problem is that the sculpt is hollow (empty from the inside as a mesh) but when I tried to use the ’ Close holes’ action it became all weird and didn’t fill it up. Is there anything else I could do to make it full? Apart from voxel remash it? Maybe something with trim or mask tool?

Also I can’t seem to find where the ‘select front vertices only’ is on the trim tool on the 1.85 new update?

Thanks so much in advance :smile:

Maybe bake matrix helps before close holes…
And you can always reproject the details of the original mesh to maybe a cloned voxel remeshed mesh.

Hi, all meshes are hollow; there is no “inside” to a mesh. A closed mesh is like a complete “shell” with no way to reach the inside (another way to think is that if the shell was filled with water, there would be no way for the water to escape). A mesh with a hole is like a shell that has a small opening somewhere in it, so you could reach the inside (or through which water could escape).
Does your friend want to 3d print the mesh? So long as the mesh forms a complete shell, it will 3d print.
Can you see where the hole is in the mesh? Usually “close holes” works well - it will create a complete shell, but it doesn’t “fill up” the inside. That’s not possible.

Hi Holger thanks so much for your reply and feedback on this. Im a little bit new to baking, is there any help out there with videos that maybe I can understand better how to do that with the matrix?

I would like to also thank you for all the videos you do and all the help you give to the Nomad Community :smiling_face: thank you!

Hi thank you so much for your reply. The sculpt is empty from the bottom. So it is a bust and it is empty when you look at it from the bottom. Not full like the regular primitives. He wants to join it with another part of a sculpt but my worry is that half the sculpt will be empty and half solid. He wants to 3D print it but also maybe animate it in the future . So I am not sure if it will affect retopology since it is half a shell and Not sure if that will matter once it’s printed. Thanks for your time :smiling_face:

I understand. I think it will be fine. Take the head (which is hollow) and make the edges of the neck overlap slightly with the base (or with the body, if you need to join it to a body). Now select both the head and body and you can either voxel remesh them both at the same time or you can Boolean them together. They will become joined and solid. Both methods work. If you need to do more sculpting afterwards, then voxel remesh might be better, but if you only need to join them to 3d print, use Boolean. Boolean will keep all the details in the head exactly the same. Good luck.

Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it :blush: sorry to ask but with boolean can you smoothen them out where it joins? I know that by just joining them from the scene you won’t be able to smoothen them together like voxel remash as it kind of stays separate. Thanks again

Yes, you can still smooth after Boolean, but sometimes it will not be as even and smooth as after voxel remesh.
Best to make clones (copies) of the the objects and just try it, see which works best. (Boolean is different from join; after join smooth does not work at all)

Awesome! Thanks so much for your help :smiling_face: I really appreciate it. I will try both and make clones in case it doesn’t work well. Have a great weekend!