Filling hollow models

Hello everybody! Can somebody please help me with a problem concerning hollow models and how to make them massive? I have created a scene out of a primitive and some pre-existing 3d-models I added to the scene. I have constantly remeshed everything to reach an even mesh over all the single parts. In the end I have simple-merged them to get a one-piece model (Image 1).

Now I need to make a precision circle cut that eliminates all parts of the merged model that protrude over the boundaries of my intended form. When I apply the trimming tool, I get a result that looks like the model would be hollow (Image 2) - but I only used massive parts to construct the scene, and I thought the primitive that is in the centre of the scene would be massive, too?

What am I doing wrong? Is there a way to make the whole scene massive and then apply a clean circle cut with no holes and/or hollow spaces? The settings of the trimming tool are shown in image 3.

I would be really glad to get some help. Thank you very much in advance.

Best wishes
Richard from RCStudio

Test the mesh before with SEPERATE in the topology, if nothing happens, then it is ok -Try to connect the mesh again with VOXEL remesh before trimming. Symmetry off when trimming.

Reset the Trim tool, keep the screen-space-boolean on its default, try again - just tested it on a basic primitive, circular hole cuts fine with no hollow interior. Not sure what you mean by ‘massive’

Hello Holger, hello John,

thank you so much for your advice! You helped me tremendously in solving my problem. What worked out in the end was a mix of your suggested actions. I did “Close holes” in the Topology section with the detail slider up a full 3.00, voxel remeshed the whole model again with a resolution of 375 (that was what preserved my surface details best and had to be found out by trial and error), reset the trimming tool (again by trial and error) to a “detail 3.00/hole smoothing 3/threshold 3.00” setting - and after that I had the smooth circular cut I needed.

Thanks again for your inspiration and your kind help. This forum is great!

@John: Sorry, I meant “solid”, not “massive”. My vocabulary got mixed up …

Best wishes,
Richard from RCStudio