Unable to trim through object?

I know I’ve accomplished this before but it won’t work now. When trimming completely inside the boundaries of an object, only the outside surface fills in and not the walls of the trim edge. but the backside looks empty. Remeshing closes the whole thing. Does anyone know offhand what I’m doing wrong? I’ve reset the tool and also tried hole filling on and off. :man_shrugging:

Can you upload a video showing yet? Or some pics?

I tried to record the screen but file size was too big. Hopefully this image shows it.

Maybe reset the trim tool? If I try the web demo and reset the trim, it works as expected:

Yes there an option to fill the hole or not on the trim tool, reset it and it should be work again like in the mestela video

I had an issue with trimming that i could fix by baking the transforms. maybe it’s something similar, worth a try. go to the gizmo tool options and select bake

Thank you to everyone who responded! Unfortunately it is still not working.

I reset every tool. I restarted the iPad. I tried to find every variable but for some reason it will not cut a hole through the object. It closes the face I trim on, and cuts the hole through the revers side, but does not fill the edges of the trim, only the front face. If I could figure out how to reduce video size I will post. I did upload to YouTube- hopefully this link will work? Thanks again!

I got it to work for the moment by resetting all defaults. I think it was something with this fill non-manifold? But I don’t understand what that is….

These menus are controlling the filling function for trim in Nomad.
Better said “screen space boolean” do.
Left side is just a shortcut.