Completing/Closing an already created Model


I have a model generated from a Photogrammetry software of a real-world object which was attached to a wall. The model has texture baked in. The model’s backside is “open” (having depth). I want to make the backside’s concave(depth) area to be “filled” and have it like a flat surface when looked from backside.

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Things I have tried:

  1. Placing the rectangular box and tried Voxel merge. But it takes away the texture of existing model.

  2. Tried to fill the concave area with Tube and other primitive objects manually but it doesnt comes out good looking. Also all are not baked into single mesh.

Kindly help

If you try joining the meshes, I mean, maintaining the textured model and adding the other meshes joining them without voxel it, painting grey like was concrete simulating the restauration

Thanks for the reply,

How can I Join the meshes, maintaining the textured model ?.

  • If you are talking about “Join” option(next to Voxel merge) it stills takes away the texture from model.

  • If you are talking about just placing new meshes, side by side, they are still not connected right?

Just an idea since I can’t test it out, but have you tried doing a mask/extract pretty thin. It should keep the texture and paint. Then use front facing vertex only check with the clay brush to fill in the back without disturbing the front.

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Thank you very much for taking out time to make a video and explain it. I tried and its working.

Please check this video.

I think that’s all you can do with Nomad Sculpt at the moment with the scans.

Maybe you can mask and paint the back block, isn’t?