Filling a hole in a previously made model

Hello, it’s my… idk 5th time using nomad and my first time using this forum in hopes to get the answers I need as I don’t know to explain my problem to google.

Basically I found this shape of a head online, put it in nomad app, cool. But here’s the problem, the inside of it is empty. I lack experience for this app and all the terms are so new and confusing, but that’s why I’m here to learn. I have provided a sketch of my problem so it makes more sense. Thanks in advance, please use simple terms when giving an answer, as I mentioned before, I’m still learning these 3D sculpting big boy words.

You should be able to just voxel remesh it and it would close the neck hole.

Didn’t read complete comic :grinning:
If close holes is not working and if you don’t want to loose details or end up with high res due to voxel remesh you could try trim or split with fill holes active.
Just trim a tiny bit of neck and the hole should be filled with nice boolean algorithm.

Let me check…

Yep, this works as well and leaves rest of model untouched.