Best way to hollow out an object

I have tried hollowing objects by duplicating my original object, shrinking it, and then negative voxel merge to subtract the inside shape

I would like to use something like the “hollow” command on MeshMixer, but can’t find anything that works well.

I tried to follow RogerRoger’s instructions listed here but there is no longer an Engrave/Emboss.

What steps have worked well for others?
Ideally, I would like to hollow an object resulting in a set thickness.

A mask extract should work well.

  1. Mask the whole object
  2. Set the negative thickness you want (can use the measure tool first to get a number)
  3. Extract in shell mode
  4. Hide the original object, the new _ext shape has an interior wall.

You can verify the wall is there by temporarily using an additive shader, or splitting the object and looking at the result.

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@Holger_Schoenischka just posted a video on this recently:

Mestela’s way is pretty much the same and works well. Some of the tools have changed names and switched locations since my post.

Holger’s video is a nice in-depth explanation and how-to as well.


That was my thought: Holder’s video is with a recent version and, seems pretty complete.