Mask split / extract / remesh

Saw this awesome clip.

I get that I can mask, and extract, what I can’t seem to get right is the remesh part

He showed extracting a curved surface, remeshing and it seemed to maintain the curve of the remesh. When I do that it’s almost a flat fill vs sticking to the shape.

More specifically the 2nd object in the demo it maintained the overall shape just added thickness to it. Trying to see how to do that in an attempte to mask/extract to make a mask

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For the sphere

I indeed used the voxel remesher.
At the moment there is no “fill hole” functionality in the interface.
One alternative to fill holes without changing all the topology is to use the trim tool.
Just trim a very small part and all the other holes will be filled.

For the small part

  • select the small part
  • invert the mask so that the part is fully masked
  • click “extract” mask
  • delete the original small part

In the future I’ll probably add some helpers to automate these split operations.
What I have in mind (not sure about the wording yet):


I hope this starts to pave the way for BOOLEAN support. :slight_smile:

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Where is this mask menu? I can’t see the extract and split option in the mask menu.

Make sure to have the Mask tool selected.
See Tools | Nomad Sculpt