Making a hole/tunnel through a wall

Hi, just started with nomad, i watched a lot of tutorials before but none of them helped.

I want to make a wall with a hole in it. Like a prison window with bars (the bars will be added after). There will be no glass, just a hole. The thing is, i want to do the hole shape manually (by hand) not a perfect circle. I tried with mask and split but there are 2 issues :

  1. After splitting , the wall becomes more like a cube with rounded corners (simply can’t understand why)
  2. The wall is empty inside, is there a way how to fill up the wall before making the holes? I don’t want to crop the surfaces, i 'd like to make a “tunnel” let’s say, but the inside-wall to be filled up.

It doesn’t matter what shape you initially remove from the wall since you’re sculpting everything afterwards. Have you looked up voxel remesh or Boolean? Both of those should get you the effect you’re wanting.

I tried now with the voxel remesh and finally achieved what i wanted to do. Thanks