Mask and cut hole through mesh?

I’d like to create a hole in a primitive using a mask. I can’t seem to figure this out. Also, maybe I’m not approaching this the right way. Here is a simple example.

  1. Create a sphere primitive.
  2. Add a mask to the primitive
  3. Reverse the mask

I’m looking to punch a hole through my primitive where the reverse mask is located. I want the hole to have walls inside the primitive so it just not a open hole in the empty space of the primitive.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I think you can do this with the various extract options inside the mask tool.

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Try using Triplanar primitive.

Shell, Fill, or None don’t seem to. Please provide more detail if you think that’s incorrect.

Add a cylinder to the scene (or any other shape/form) And place it where you want the hole to be. Make sure it’s intersecting the sphere. Now turn off visibility to the cylinder. Select the sphere and a cylinder and hit voxel merge. You will now have a hole through your sphere.

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Cutting with masks can be useful in some scenarios
But you need to do as RogerRoger said
Place the cylinder where you want to cut
Let it go all the way through and hide it
Then select both the cylinder and the sphere and do voxel remeshing ( with high resolution)
In my last video in YouTube
Was all about using different cutting techniques on the sphere

Hard surface on nomad sculpt- part 3


Thanks everyone the video helped and was excellent.