Nomad mask extraction

Can the mesh extracted by the nomad mask be as smooth and hard-edged as in zbrush?

No, not really so far.
Play with smooth border option.
Sometimes I get better results when extracting from layer, which is possible as well. Even when Just partly painted. But to be honest I have no clue if this is a different algorithm or occultism . :sweat_smile: It was discussed in the forum and Stephomi answered, but I can’t remember.

But no, no poly loops no fine border smoothing like in zBrush. You could try split with lasso as well. Sure, it’s not the same…

Not really, improvements need to be made.
Sharpening the mask will help for the hard edge part though.

Well, almost:

Same procedure than above, but before simple merge I used extract.
What I did:
I used the split tool with lasso.
But before, I masked the other side of sphere as there is no “ignore backface” option in split tool.
After, I switched to the small split part and masked it.
Select both objects.
Simple merge (welds points again)
And transform.
@Holger_Schoenischka do you have an idea to get a perfect result on this?
Not straight forward, not perfect but here I guess it’s the way to start with when enhancing those mask and split options. Means, algorithm turn mask into a vector curve, splits 2x for clean bottom and top side and weld without loosing two borders…….
Easy written, hard to understand, much more harder to code ….

Well, not to bad.

A quick video

Ending in watertight extrusions. I gues “hole filling” needs to be switched off.


Can the maximum value of border smoothing be not limited first? After sharpening the mask, the value of 30 for border smoothing is too small. Now it is too painful to do armor, and it is necessary to constantly polish and smooth the border manually.

Yes, hole filling needs to be switched off. Split is most sharp extract option and is mostly watertight after simple merge (and it’s internal vertex weld operation) Vertex weld with threshold would be very useful.

I think it is: extract after sharpening the mask. If the maximum value of border smoothing is not limited, it should be able to temporarily solve the problem of border smoothing. Now the maximum value is 30, which is not smooth enough.