Issue with extract mask for hair

I’m trying to create hair using the extraction mask method but when I try to sculpt on top it seems to reduce the mesh pulling it away from where it is sitting on the head object.

how can I add volume to the hair so it’s not shrinking the mesh (hope that explains it well enough).

I’m using the clay brush to add volume.

Also when I do a voxel remesh it creates a hole.

I want to be able to add volume to the hair and remesh without creating massive holes.

Any ideas would be most appreciated

Those are topological holes that can be created by unevenly distributed vertices/faces before a voxel remesh, try remeshing at a lower value to match the current mesh resolution, and also try to thicken out the mesh if that area is too thin.

The screen shot doesn’t make it easy to diagnose the rest of your problem, either post a video or go into more detail please.

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Don’t use clay but another tool like brush or inflate.
Or check front vertex only or keep topology in Stroke menu.

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Thanks Stephane will try that appreciate it!

I can’t find a keep topology function in the Stroke menu for any tool. Sorry, sometimes I am blind, where can I find this function ?

Keep topology*

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