Voxel remesher creates holes

since the latest update to v1.62 the voxel remesher creates holes in the mesh.
remeshing another time destroys the mesh.

I have the same issue. This is a severe one!

The remesher has always produced holes and is capable of annihilating a sculpt if performed under certain conditions . They can be avoided by remeshing at similar resolution (no multires) to the mesh. They can also be closed with a variety of different methods afterward if they persist. You have to physically plug them and keep remeshing - voxel can create holes but it also can seal them. The standard Remesher produces no holes I believe, I prefer using it to voxel personally unless I’m merging pieces.

No no no, I don’t think the voxel remesher ever did that and it shouldn’t.
It should be fixed on the next release.

I won’t enter into details but there are 3 differents definition of hole.
Boundary holes which are indeed filled before the voxel remesh.
Topological hole (think hole in a donut).
And the buggy one mentioned in this thread which are actually vertex position going to the infinity (so instead of drawing infinite triangles it simply skips them).

The third one should never happen.

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I’ve had holes in the past, plenty of times? I’ve also seen others describing them anecdotally in comments, with work arounds on how to close them up after? I believe you entirely, but it’s confusing for me since I’ve always seen them with the voxel remesher since I started using Nomad on mid 1.5x builds. The description of topological holes is what I’ve seen from the voxel remesher.

No 100% confident the voxel remesh didn’t create holes back then (excluding the « hole » of the second definition, we are seeing holes of the 3rd definition here).


It’s probably what’s described as a hole versus the actual description/nature of what’s happening (topological). The screen shots here makes sense now with your explanation of the vertex positions going into infinity - that I’ve never seen before. What I perceived as holes from previous use were the topological ones and not actual ‘holes.’ This is where my wires are getting crossed.

thanks everyone for the quick reply.
problem seems to be solved with the latest version.