Polygrouping and Hardsurface

Would love to see polygrouping features and functions like mask polygroup, merge like polygroups, split, etc etc.

On the topic of hardsurface modeling:
Basic HS modeling like extrude, cut face, bevel edge, etc would be a HUGE update to tackle, but would bring Nomad into an even higher tier of program.


Hard surface modelling would be excellent, it’s the one thing I use most of the time in ZB.

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I won’t say comparable, but Nomad is just a Baby compared to 25 years of zBrush and already this is possible:

What was possible in zBrush after its first year? More than painting 3D Bubbles? :laughing: ZBrush knife tool quality is already in, I would say. Haven’t tested latest Version to be honest.

It’s not that I wouldn’t love to have more hard surface features, but I am really, really surprised how good this test is already looking.
Just use the toolset differently instead of crying after missing tools. :vulcan_salute:
Meanwhile the coding wizard will add more and more magic.

Those are nice results so far.