Facegroups/poly groups are coming!

Facegroups are coming to nomad soon! They’re in the web demo and they work alright! There’s not much more to be said I’m just super hyped for this feature.

Rant for people who don’t understand the hype:
For those who don’t know, polygroups are a massively useful feature in zBrush. It does a lot of work… it allows you to manipulate, mask and hide parts of a model that are all one continuous piece of geometry by selecting individual poly groups. Sort of like being able to save a mask of an area, then turn the mask off and on at any moment. It’s more complicated than that and more useful but thats the way I can think of to explain it in current feature terms.
In the future however, this feature could also allow for guided auto-retopology, which is so incredibly awesome. Basically, sculpting (especially multi resolution sculpting) is easier with certain topology (which refers to the flow and shapes of the faces that make up a model), and while you can manually retopologize models, this takes a long time. Currently there is a tool that can be enabled under debug called quadriflow that will give your model half decent topology under the right circumstances, but sometimes it feels like it only works right under the light of the second full moon of the year of the dragon. Which is to say not a lot. But with polygrouos, there are tools like zremesher which will allow you to retopo using your poly groups as guides for how to retopo your model (which in my experience is almost as good as manual retopology).

To make a long story short, for complicated models made up of one singular piece of geometry, this is an absolute game-changer. And for the future, it could be a massive game-changer for literally anyone who likes to use multi-resolution!