Please add retopo

I read on another thread you aren’t gonna add a zremesher type thing, but what about manual retopo. I’d take anything not to use that voxel remesher all the time. It screws up my small details and edges so bad. Can just make something to add large quads in a flow that’s better and have it snap to the surface of the object your retopologizing. Can’t be that hard to integrate, I’d imagine. Pleeeease :pray::pray::pray:

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This is still hard, especially if you want something intuitive and robust.

You can increase the resolution. Note that a zremesh-like algorithm produces very low poly, so you would lose much more details with it.
Unless you subdivide the result and then reproject on the old mesh.
I’ll probably make a reprojection feature in the future, that could be run after the remesher.



PLEASE do add retopo/reproche the feature. I would also vote that this is essential to have!

Nomad is already great but without feature is like a great tool with so fundamental feature missing!

While retopo would be nice, I’d much rather more time was spent on sculpting. I’m fine with doing more technical stuff like retopo on my desktop computer, but I want Nomad to be the best sit in a comfy chair and do sculpting art app.