Re-Projecting Detail

This is an AWESOME app! Is there a way to reproject detail on a lower “remeshed” duplicate?

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There’s no mesh reprojection at the moment.
Can you tell me more about the workflow you have in mind?

I work in Zbrush and I usually create high poly models that I then duplicate the model and I Zremesh it and I will subdivide it a few times and then I will reproject the details of the high poly model back to the multi-subdivided model. Then I retopologize. My goal is to work mobile and your app is on its way to make that happen for me.
Also to be able to pose my model using the transpose gizmo.

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Ah I see.
Since I don’t have any zremesher, the reprojection makes only sense if you export to zbrush, zremesh and then reimport.

I believe if I model my sculpt in Nomad to a high poly and duplicate it and use your voxel remesh at a high resolution and then subdivide that a few times and be able to reproject that it should work.

Ah maybe it make sense but I wonder how it would compare against a simple high res voxel remesh.

In any case it’s not planned for now but I might give it more thoughts if I see other users interested.

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One thing I’d love to do with reprojection is to take a reduced version of the current mesh, (perhaps with the global dynamic topo or voxel remeshing, but then bake the details onto a subdivided version of that reduced mesh, basically to re-add subdivs to a model that no longer has them.

so perhaps a single button that borh re-meshes lower, subdivides, and reprojects the details back to the new mesh.

other options for projection of 3d details are things like shrink wrapping mesh A around Mesh B

btw would ALSO love a slightly higher precision in re-projecting layer position detail, there seem to be some issues with isolines forming…

I had that in mind, not top priority but I’ll probably do it later.

Just to confirm you are talking about:

  • create layer and sculpt in it
  • voxel remesh

Then when you set the layer to 0, it doesn’t exactly revert?

yeah pretty much, I’ve made a little video to illustrate what I mean, I’m honestly not sure if it’s possible to fix?

this video is still processing so it should go higher resolution soon… but what I’m referring to is the little ridge lines that form everywhere. but it’s likely a side effect of the sampling grid and such. but I can only infer what’s happening under the hood obviously.

(compiling a list of features I’d love as I go)

Ah yes it’s a known issue, that’s the reason why the tooltip in the voxel remesher states that “layers are kept but quality will degrade”.

A reprojection workflow would only be super useful if there was something similar to ZRemesher. Which I know from another thread @stephomi is aware of + other similar tools. Would be nice to have, but I know he said it would take the better part of a year to get close to their level of automation.

Also, @DumbAlien look into reprojection using history recall in ZBrush. It came out in 2020. It’s much easier.

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