Detail Projection

I’m enjoying Nomad Sculpt, especially in combination with CozyBlanket for retopology.

The remeshing features are good, but the topology is not ideal. I use CozyBlanket to retopo and then import the mesh back into Nomad for cleaner looking shapes.

I’d like to import my retopo’d mesh and then project the sculpted details on to it. See this 3 minute segment by J Hill on Projection in ZBrush as an example:
Projection in ZBrush

This would allow sculpting a mesh as distinct parts (head mesh, neck mesh, arm mesh) before combining them afterwards. Greater flexibility and more refined looking sculpts. Easier to pose too.

This may not be possible on an iPad cpu, but I figured its worth asking.

Thanks again for all the great work.

Hi! You can use the Reproject function from the Topology panel (3dr one).
It’s not as sophisticated as in Zbrush but it is good.
Hope it helps!

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I came back to sheepishly admit I’d just discovered the Reproject tool. Thank you for mentioning it though!

Not sure if I should delete the request or not.

This video showed me:
Reproject demo.

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My pleasure! Glad I could help. I found myself using it sometimes and for me it works really good :blush:
I think the tool will improve over time, since I’m using the app it has improved a lot a really love, even ditched zbrush.