High Resolution Projection Tool

Hello there!

Now that we know that there’s an upcoming retopology tool ahead on iPad with CozyBlanket and many people agreed on crucial it is to have a pretty neat topology, to be able to define where topology density is required for details sculpting, it would be awesome to be able to reproject a high density mesh to a cleaner imported one to start fresh with proper subdivision levels.
2022-01-17 18_33_40-ZBrush

The ideal worklow would be:

  • Raw sculpt: dyntopo / Voxel remesh
  • Retopology
  • Import the clean mesh : project the raw sculpt, subdivide, project, subdivide, project…
  • Refine the sculpt and push it further

This method could also be awesome to combine multiple submeshes together. Doing the retopology of multiple meshes into on mesh and reproject everything.

(Actually, I’m talking about CosyBlanket, but we could already do it by using a standard 3D package and reimport the meshes into Nomad.)

What do you think ?