Reproject Sculpted Detail onto HighPoly Retopologized model

I would love to see an option to Reproject sculpted detail onto a clean Retopologized model. With this feature it would be possible to create completed assets on a mobile device like an IPad. Here would be the workflow:

  • Sculpt: Nomad Sculpt
  • Retopology: CozyBlanket
  • Reproject/Cleanup: Nomad Sculpt
  • UV Unwrap: Nomad Sculpt
  • Baking: Armor Paint
  • Texturing: Armor Paint/Procreate

CozyBlanket already has manual UV unwrap and reprojection (vertex color + normal).

Next Nomad version can do reprojection from higher res (vertex color/rough/metal + normal).


Thanks! I didn’t see the new Cozy Blanket update with Manual UV unwrapping.