Uses of the new reproject tool?

Is the main use of the new reproject function to project the details of a high poly sculpt onto a subdivided retopologized mesh with good topology? Is there a best practice method; for example reprojecting several times, with smoothing/relaxing in between?
Are there other interesting ways that this feature can be used?
I’d love to see some videos by more experienced 3d people using it.

Yes that’s the main use, typically if you remesh elsewhere, like cozyBlanket or zbrush zremesher, etc

Actually that’s what the iteration slider is doing. It smooth the mesh between each iteration.
Of course both mesh shouldn’t deviate too much.

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CozyBlanket already has a reproject on export. Typically your retopo is lower poly than the original Nomad sculpt. On export of your retop mesh there is an option to export a selected number of subdiv levels and to reproject details from original mesh onto subdiv export mesh.